I will not be sad in this world

a collaboration between Etta Säfve & Jona Elfdahl

Gylleboverket at Skånes Konstförening, Malmö Nov. 2017

Installation in 3 rooms with objects, sound, smell and performance

The desert.

A 100 m2 clay floor was built in the exhibition hall, drying up leaving cracks like in a solidified desert. A tree was digged up with it’s roots and moved in to the room. Living flowers and plants where attached to the tree and kept alive through a water pipe system. The room was filled with an artificial smell of flowers and a recorded sound from grasshoppers.

To enter the room, the public was asked to take their shoes off.

On the opening night a performance was held where every visitors feet were carefully washed before entering the room. Cast: Marry An Carlsson

A ritual on chello was performed as a sound piece in the entrance room. Performing artist: Amit Sen


The tear.

In the other room the visitors was asked to enter one by one to sit down on a chair. On the chair they were asked to close their eyes while a drop of water were placed on their cheek. The visitor was the left alone in the room while the drop ran down their cheek like a tear.


The libary.

The libary of Adryan Linden (Frome my film Paria) was placed in the entrance as a referens.